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I am a visual designer, UX enthusiast, and typophile. This is my portfolio.

Namco Landing Page

Kaspersky Upgrade Landing Page

LeafGuard Responsive Website

Samsung Store UX Enhancements

Nikon Coolpix A Landing Page

Citrix Storefront Redesign

Trend Micro Titanium Website

Dragon Responsive Website

Logitech UE Landing Page

UXPA Redesign

Star Wars the Old Republic Landing Page

Farcry 3 Landing Page

Microsoft Office for Mac Store

Kodak Emails

VM Store Redesign

Nikon 1 Emails

Adobe Store Redesign

Kodak Mobile Store Locator

Logitech Emails

JBL Companies Website

Attorney John Obert-Hong

EA Origin Landing Page

Various Logo Designs

Pamela McNeill Nightingale

Cisco Store Design Optimization